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2019 Maryland Student Mapping Competition

Attention Students, Teachers, Parents, and Mapping Enthusiasts,

Do you know a student in grades 4-12 that likes making maps or winning prize money? If so, they should enter the 2019 Maryland Student Mapping Competition.

Step 1:

Register your school (open to public, private, charter and home schools) before March 14th, 2019. (Sign up here)

Step 2:

Create a project using ArcGIS Online (free software and training available) that uses Maryland data (mentors all over the State are available to help you develop your project)

Step 3:

Submit your project by May 3rd, 2019

Step 4:


The Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) is proud to sponsor the 2019 Maryland Mapping Competition, which is a part of the Esri’s 2019 ArcGIS Online US School Competition. This competition is open to high school (grades 9-12) and middle school (grades 4-8) students in the US who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS web app or story map.

To participate, each school must register and submit up to 5 entries for the competition. ArcGIS Online organizational accounts are needed for the competition and are available for any school for free. Teacher training to use ArcGIS Online is available and student project mentoring from GIS professionals will be conducted from March 15th to April 16th. The final deadline to submit projects to participate in the competition is May 3rd, 2019

The top five high school entries and the top 5 middle school entries will win $100 each, with the best entry from the high school and the best entry from the middle school to be submitted to Esri’s US competition. From across the nation, one high school project and one middle school project will each earn a trip to the 2019 Esri Education Conference in San Diego, California.

To find out more about the Maryland Mapping Competition, register for a free ArcGIS Online organization account, and to register your school for the competition, please visit the Maryland Mapping Competition website located here:

For any questions about the competition, please send an email to

For more information, scan this QR Code

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