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ESRGC Summer Spotlight 2019

Name: Tyler Wilson

Graduation date: May, 2016

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

When did you first use GIS?: GEOG 319 with Dr. Scott

What is something you wish everyone knew about GIS?: How integrated it is with our daily lives. So much of our modern world was designed and runs on the applications that GIS provides, from designing cities to air navigation.

What interested you in working with the ESRGC?: The ESRGC was introduced to me while I was working on other projects with a few professors in SU's Geography Department. When the internship opportunity came up, I couldn't turn it down.

What project(s) did you worked on as an intern? How long were you an intern?: I was an intern for about 7 months. My main projects involved digitizing and updating land zoning data for the Eastern Shore of Maryland as well as editing and reviewing current land zoning data.

Where are you working now? And what are you working on?: I am currently commissioned in the Navy as a Student Naval Aviator in the Jet Strike training program.

How has working with ESRGC prepared you for your current position?: The applications of GIS in the world of aviation are very significant. Land navigation requires pilots to use ground reference checkpoints to navigate, while instrument flying relies heavily on GPS and ground data to fly under a controlling agency. Most of my work at the ESRGC involved the use of aerial imagery and identifying features on land, much like pilots do during visual navigation. Both the ESRGC and the Geography Department have given me solid backgrounds in both GPS functionality and land image identification.

Have you gone to any GIS conferences? How did they go?: MSGIC 2016, which gave a good insight into the use of GIS in the state of Maryland.

Dream job? (doesn’t have to be GIS related): Fighter Pilot

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Work out, explore Texas, and fly!

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