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ESRGC Winter Spotlight 2019-2020

"The ESRGC was my training ground for understanding GIS.” - Jeremy



Jeremy Gencavage

Graduation date:

Bachelor of Science in Earth Science - May 2017 Masters of Science in GIS Management - May 2018

Hometown: Laurel, Maryland

When did you first use GIS?

Dr. Harris’s Geog 219 (Map Interpretation and Analysis) course during the fall of 2015.

What is something you wish students knew about GIS?

I wish more people knew what the acronym, GIS, stood for, and how it can be used to support data driven decisions across several industries.

What interested you in working with the ESRGC?

The ESRGC was my training ground for understanding GIS. I was fortunate to work with intelligent problem solvers, who were also a ton of fun in and out of the office. It was exciting being a part of a staff that provided a direct, positive impact on local communities around the state of Maryland.

What project(s) did you worked on as an intern? How long were you an intern?

I worked on several utility mapping projects as an intern. I specifically helped in digitizing and developing stormwater, electric, and water utility databases. I was an intern for 6 months.

Where are you working now? And what are you working on?

I support GIS, IT, and data processing operations for a UAS company in Camarillo, CA called SkySkopes, Inc. I specifically manage image collection and processing for one of our utility mapping projects.

How has working with ESRGC prepared you for your current position?

Working for the ESRGC taught me how to take on multiple project’s at once. Having the experience to go from coding, to cartography, to using Survery123 for field collection gave me the necessary diversity at the ESRGC to manage several roles and responsibilities at my current job.

Have you gone to any GIS conferences? How did they go?

While I was working as a GIS graduate student at the ESRGC, I was fortunate enough to attend the American Association of Geographers Conference in the Spring of 2018. I was able to present my graduate school project and network with several classmates at the conference. I plan on attending more GIS conferences.

Dream job? (doesn’t have to be GIS related)

I’ve always had an interest in flood modeling. I think it would be awesome to leverage GIS solutions in supporting flood mitigation tactics for an organization such as FEMA.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy activities such as surfing, running, camping, and hiking. I also enjoy reading and studying anything related to IT.

Do you have a LinkedIn ?

Yes, I do.


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